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Zincgrey as main distributor in Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei, and Indonesia for Roval Corporation Japan, since 2019. We grown the company with vast experience in Zinc Industry for Richker Metals in Asia, South Africa and Middle East. We has very well knowledge in Zinc as raw materials and finish product, more than 20 years. We represent International Zinc Association for Market and Development for Asia Pacific. Warehousing and Storage facilities at Zincgrey Malaysia.

Roval Cold Galvanizing Compound

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Cold galvanizing compound

Roval is an evolution developed with Japanese technology for the purpose of protecting metal surfaces whether new building steel structures, damaged surfaces or damaged galvanized iron coatings. It is developed with a special resin mixture to produce a high-quality COLD GALVANIZING COMPOUND.

ROVAL capability can make the steel structure look new and will provide optimal protection from repeated rust and will extend the shelf life of the coating.

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