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Roval is an evolution developed with Japanese technology for the purpose of protecting metal surfaces whether new building steel structures, damaged surfaces or damaged galvanized iron coatings.

It is developed with a special resin mixture to produce a high-quality COLD GALVANIZING COMPOUND. ROVAL capability can make the steel structure look new and will provide optimal protection from repeated rust and will extend the shelf life of the coating.

ROVAL has undergone several critical tests in which weather and environmental conditions are in line with the conditions in Asia. And has received recognition from Minister of Land, Infrastructure and Transport in Japan and Council for Construction Technology Review and Certification in Japan.


No.47, Jalan I-Park SAC 4, Taman Perindustrial I-Park,
81400 Senai, Johor, Malaysia
Tel: +60-7-597-0777

Protect iron from rust, ROVAL Superior anti-corrosion paint. ROVAL is a paint that contains 96% pure zinc powder in its dry film.