Since starting Zincgrey Malaysia PLT, in 2018, we are a company with experience in Zinc Industry and Market

With excellent knowledge in Zinc as raw material and end products, more than 20 years.

Therefore, we would like to share with consumers and user the advantages of zinc in the business in the form of anti-corrosion materials that have the potential to ensure the protection of steel surfaces can be enhanced.


In addition to the main purpose of this product produced ROVAL also has the potential to repairing on pre-galvanized steel surfaces where there are surfaces that have deteriorated their level of protection due to several factors for example weather.

And we also want to help the galvanizing industry to maintain their quality with the use of ROVAL as a repair of hard zinc coated areas during the galvanizing process.

Zincgrey has been a major distributor in Malaysia, Singapore and Brunei for Roval Corporation Japan, since 2019.

The owner of Zincgrey support and promote the Galvanizing Industry in Asia Pacific to Government Department, University, Contractor, Fabricator and Engineering.

Zinc are important in our daily life and Zinc Protect Steel from Corrosion.

Our Story


Roval Corporation was founded in 1955 in Osaka, Japan. As a specialized manufacturer of zinc rich paint for over 60 years, have responded to the various needs of customers.

Roval is simply applied in standard temperatures, it is called Cold Galvanizing Compound.


International agent for Richker Metals Inc. Leading International zinc scrap trading company since 1997 by Mr Richker, with 5 offices in North America and Asia.

Import and Export of Zinc scrap all over the world including Asia Pacific, Middle East, India, South Africa, South America, Europe and etc.