MC Spray

Metallic Spray for Galvanized materials

Perfect color matching metallic spray for galvanized materials. MC spray, which is ideal for color matching after hot-dip galvanization and for hiding blemishes or ROVAL repairs.



Difference from Normal silver paint

Sometimes see the use of Normal silver paint for hiding blemishes on galvanized surfaces.

At first, the galvanized surfaces is also shiny, so it is matching. However, when the luster is lost over time, the silver part stands out.
MC is designed to lose its luster over time, just like galvanizing, and at the end MC film disappears, so the repaired part will not stand out forever.

The photo below shows a plate with MC and Normal silver paint coating on the upper half of a galvanized plate.

Additional information

Dry to touch time

15 – 30 minutes

Heat resistance